Love Letter Time Capsule

NAME and NAME have chosen a Love Letter Time Capsule to be a symbol of their marriage.

Before us we have a box that will serve as a time capsule, and you have each brought a love letter you have written to your soon-to-be spouse.

The letters you hold will be a glimpse back into your thoughts and feelings before your wedding day. Perhaps they tell of the qualities you appreciate in each other, your hopes and dreams and your reasons for choosing to marry. Maybe you have written about how you met, the reasons you fell in love, or the moment you knew you wanted to share your whole life with this person. No one else has read what you have written, they are secret letters to your future selves. Please add your letters to the box.

This time capsule is meant to be opened on your 1st (or 3rd or 5th) wedding anniversary. However, if that is too long to wait in anticipation, or if you find yourselves in tough times, and are in need of real inspiration, please open it sooner!

When you do open the box, sit down together and read your letters. Reflect on what brought you together. Remind yourselves of what you love about each other, and why you decided to marry. Use these memories to start a new conversation, dream new dreams, and continue to work on making your marriage one filled with honesty, understanding, and a growing love.

Then, you should write new letters. Think about how your relationship has deepened and changed. Re-seal the time capsule with new love letters as well as the old. It will be an ever-changing, ever-growing history of you.

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