Blended Family/Commitment as Parents

NAME and NAME, you make this commitment to not only each other, but you are also committing yourselves to being parents, together, to both of your children. Your marriage creates a new family, in which your love and support plays an important role. Sharing the responsibility of being a parent in a blended family involves loving each other’s child as your own.

It means caring for them unconditionally and nurturing them both physically and mentally, accepting them for who they are, and helping to allow them to grow to their best potential. It is also taking time to listen and being supportive, providing a safe home with structure and discipline, as well as fostering honesty and trust between all of the members of the family.

Do you both happily and sincerely accept the role of parents to each others’ children?
“We do.”

Do you both promise to work together as parents in all of these ways and more?
“We do.”

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