Pop-Up Weddings & Elopements

An elopement is no longer a choice between a court house or a trip to Las Vegas.

Pop-up weddings combine the quick and easy nature of an elopement with the personal experience of a “real” wedding.

What is a Pop Up wedding?

A pop up wedding (also pop-up/ popup, flash wedding, micro-wedding, fancy elopement) can be carried out in many ways, but the common idea is a simple or spontaneous event and a small guest list. Keep the most important elements of a wedding, but on a smaller budget.

These small wedding events are increasingly popular as an alternative to the courthouse or justice of the peace.

The couple brings their marriage license, has an officiant and a short ceremony, plus a photographer, flowers and maybe even cake, but all on a smaller scale and in a shorter amount of time.

How do you know what’s right for you?

Couples are rethinking their wedding choices. “What is meaningful to us? What elements are important in our wedding?” Each will have a different answer. There are no right and wrong ways to have a wedding, only what is right for you.

For some, it’s having their 300 closest friends and family to eat, drink and dance. For some, their wedding is about the two of them privately sharing vows. Most have a budget, limited time to plan, school, work, family, and all sorts of ideas, dreams, pressures and expectations. So every wedding is different. And luckily today there are lots of options.

All-in-One Wedding Packages


Tin Roof Weddings

Bringing together all the elements of a small wedding in one economical package…

In collaboration with Diane Johnson Photography, The Vale Royal Barn & Inn and a team of other great officiants, photographers and venues, I am excited to now offer these all-in-one wedding packages. Everything is coordinated, set up and provided for you. All you need to do is bring your marriage license and your selves!

Diane is a professional wedding photographer with over 20 years of experience, and her photography has been featured in many publications and won awards over the years. I am thrilled to partner with her in this endeavor, both personally and professionally. 

These links will take you to a new site at TinRoofWeddings.com. Click for more of Diane’s photo portfolio and our package details.

Planning a Pop-Up Wedding

You can create your own pop up wedding at your choice of location. Location options open up on weekdays and Sundays that are often unavailable to larger groups, and smaller unconventional venues may be available on Saturdays at short notice.

I have helped couples with elopements in parks, botanical gardens, museums, breweries, wineries, stadiums, restaurants, barns, backyards, living rooms and more.

When going to an “unbooked” location we carry only what we need and have little to no set up, hence the term “pop up”. This allows us the ease of making last-second plan changes and keeps things simple.

You can plan everything yourself and hire me as your officiant, or book one of my pop-up wedding packages and I’ll help coordinating the ceremony, officiant and photographer at your location.


I also have a selection of pre-made faux floral bouquets, lapel flowers and vintage brooches, lapel pins and jewelry for you to borrow, on request. The use of these items is included in my all-in-one packages.

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