Bell of Truce Ceremony

(Item needed: any sort of sturdy bell that the couple has chosen.)

The Bell of Truce is a Celtic custom, representing both a medium of compromise in the marital relationship and a reminder of the happiness you share today. Bells have long been associated with weddings as their joyous tones announce good tidings and are said to bring good luck. Bells are also commonly used to get attention, as a signal or an announcement of a significant event.

Today, this Bell of Truce is rung in celebration of the marriage of NAME and NAME. With all the best of wishes from myself and your loved ones gathered here, I would like to present this bell to you both, and I ask you to give the bell a hardy ring while thinking lovely thoughts about each other and happy thoughts of your future life together.

<couple rings bell>

Keep this bell in your home to remind you of your wedding day. When arguments arise, put this bell to its best use as an attention-getter. One of you should ring the bell to call a truce.
The familiar sound it makes should remind you of your wedding vows, conjure up the happiest memories from this day and help you resolve your differences with love and compassion.

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